That’s right Fashionista’s, Its time to get all cozy and warm with Ghee “Winter Woolies” Skinny Jeans, Snugs with optional Texture change Socks , even winter Mittens all sold separately  There is no end to all the possibilities you can buy to cuddle with that special someone. The Frozzen Fair Ends on the 16TH…only a few days remain. Head on over there and grab some Winter woolies, style it up then come on over to The Ghee Main Store and grab you SANTA SACK 10L And each one is only out for 24 hours. Grab some skates and hit the Ice. Why not spend the entire day with Ghee.



So many things at the Frozzen Fair from Ghee, WOW!! I could not blog them all but I can give you a hint


All Ghee Winter Woolies Photos Shot on Location At The Ghee Main Store

Also wearing

Hair~ Argrace Knit Beret “Flare Curl”

Makeup~ Mock Bella Burnt Toast Makeover

Be Fashionable, Be Fabulous, Be Fun, Be GHEE




That’s right Fashionista’s it is A new Cycle at The Fad Event and the theme is All that Glitters. And no one does it better than Ghee. “LANA” comes with a hud to change the face of the dress to suit your style as well as a one Shoulder Shawl also with a hud to get the shade perfect for you. Be sure to grab the  “LANA” heels while you are there for a perfect complete look, they come in Silver or gold. For more details on “LANA” as well as other items offered at 30% discount from Ghee, And don’t forget to pick up Ghee Metals Manicure/pedicure for slinks


New Release’s [AR]

That’s right Fashionista’s I have some new releases to show off from a new designer. Not a New friend but I am talking about Asia Rae [AR], you know that Fabulous Photographer we all know and love, Well now she has a New in world Clothing store and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the grid as a designer. Today I am showing you. “Sona” In green, I don’t know why but I got a military Vibe with this color so I am just hanging out on the base. The strappy top and belted skirt are fun and flirty….Just my kind of style, this one will definitely be added to my favs list . I know you will love it too. I love the green but maybe you will love one of the other six colors “Sona” comes in

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So I promised Madrid I would try to shoot one more Halloween photo for her totally awesome Makeup. Every year Madrid Solo comes up with the most over the top scary Halloween designs, I mean full face creepy stuff. She also makes eyes for the event, Well she makes both eyes and makeup year around, but this is different. Madrid is one of the most creative minds out there and did I mention one hell of a photographer. Have some Halloween fun, hell do like me, I don’t even look at the photo to see what the Makeup will look like….I even scared myself hehe

Also I promised my bestie lil Moo Cao, something a little more scary lol, so without anymore rambling here is
“STRETCH” Madrid Solo– Halloween Designs



So, Halloween is fast approaching and I have never seen better designs for it than those that come from the imagination of Madrid Solo. “Wicked Woman” is my first post for these fab makeups. I am on my laptop this year with no photo editor but who needs it to capture a Madrid design. Not me lol, this one is the tamest of the bunch so though I would start with it. Wicked Woman is just that “wicked” red shadow and cracks along the face adding in some spooky Eyes,which were the group gift from Madrid last October.

This set, as with all of Madrids Halloween spooktacular makeups are sure to scare all the little ghosts and goblins this year. Personaly some of the stuff that comes from Madrid this time of year scares me too, but it is always soooo much fun. She includes photos but I never look always a surprise when it rezzes lol.

I hope you love it as much as me and stay tuned for more………….



Take a step into the Garden with this beautiful Gown of White, with flowers draped across the Bust as well as encircling your wrist.

Summer is on it’s way out but not as long as you are the proud owner of this Exclusive Limited Item from this Round Of the Coutuiers Dock…

Did I mention Limited, well it is true there are currently (right this second) 35 copies remaining.

A shimmering barely visible fabric flows from your arms to your feet. This gown as with All designs by Bodza Mubble, creator of *LI* is defiantly one to add to your wardrobe.

Wonderful for dancing in the clouds …(I know, I went) a Wedding, well just any number of occasions.

So hurry over to the Dock and grab yours while supplies last. I’ll even give you a lift.

Living Imagination Angel Garden


Also If you have not seen Chop Zeuy’s New Sweetheart Wedding set, I suggest you check it out, and if that is not enough for you I am also wearing MVW Collection Hagia Sophia Earrings and circlet

Living Imagination Angel Garden 2


Don’t forget When Angel Garden from *LI* IS GONE…IT’S GONE



Chop Zuey Sweetheart Wedding and Engagement Rings

Chop Zuey MVW Collection Hagia Sophia Set

Shoes~ Purple Moon~Purpurina Peep Toes Steal for slink High Feet

HAIR~Milana Nikola~ dark brown

Shot On Location Here Tranquil Haven Park

Poses~PoseSioN~ Jewelry 2, Morphine Go set 3.1


What is sleek and sexy on just about any frame? Black of course, slimming elegant and sexy. Those are the things that this black dress in your wardrobe will do for you too.

Add the floral belt with matching headpiece and add fun, flirty, romantic and soft to a black dress. No one tells a story with her designs better than Bodza Mubble from Living Imagination. Every design she creates is a piece of art with a story. I went to an art sim for the shot because the flowing skirt with white trim brought to mind something like Mid summer nights dream, so I thought Poetry and art, well that is just what I found here at SURREAL EFFECTS



This gown is Exclusive At the Couturier’s Docks and you really should Hurry Because as of this Moment there are only 41 copies remaining, and when they are gone the are GONE




Styled With Flowers Of the Night.

*LI* Needs very little adornments as Bodza gives you everything to make an outfit stand on it’s own, so I simply added jewelry Hair and shoes. No makeup as I did not feel it needed any

Hair~+eula+ Ursula Dark Brown

Jewelry~ Virtual Impressions Texture Change “Janine”

Shoes~Loordes Of London Dr. Shoesours #17

I hope you all have a Blessed Weekend