New Release’s [AR]

That’s right Fashionista’s I have some new releases to show off from a new designer. Not a New friend but I am talking about Asia Rae [AR], you know that Fabulous Photographer we all know and love, Well now she has a New in world Clothing store and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the grid as a designer. Today I am showing you. “Sona” In green, I don’t know why but I got a military Vibe with this color so I am just hanging out on the base. The strappy top and belted skirt are fun and flirty….Just my kind of style, this one will definitely be added to my favs list . I know you will love it too. I love the green but maybe you will love one of the other six colors “Sona” comes in



Also New from [AR] is this cute jumpsuit called “NUBUCK”in Beige, this casual jumper comes in 10 colors and can be styled up chic or just minimal as I have worn it here.


Simple casual for all your Autumn needs , Check out SONA and NUBUCK at [AR] today.


also wearing

Look #1

Outfit~ [AR] SONA

Boots~*GF* Mesh lace-up “Gina”

Hair~ Dura Girl 57

Makeup~ Madrid Solo Ensemble lash and liner only

Jewelry~League Wanderer Bracelet

Southpaw~ Bullet earrings (mrkt) 

Male action Dogtags (linden original)

(CS420) Outdoorsman Camo Hat

Shot on location Here 



Shoes~Ricielli Strap boots

Hair~ Dura Boy 63

Makeup~Madrid Solo Ensemble Lash liner only (yes is my fav)

MOCK~Bella Burnt Toast Makeover

Jewelry~ Dark Mouse Wood Earrings

 “FA” Wooden Beads Bracelets & Necklace



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