A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds and more than 5 children die every day as a result child abuse.

Approximately 80% of those that die are under the age of four years old.

Today my Styling is a plea to all of you to get involved and help me help the children.

These statistics I have stated are only a few, and this is just in the US can you imagine what they are in a country where being a child you are lucky to make it through your first year and some countries if you are a girl you may not make it past your first day. The Children can not or will not speak for themselves out of fear, so it is up to us to speak for them. They are the future and if the abuse continues the future is bleak.

30% of abused children grow up to be abusers, so lets not hide our heads in the sand, it will not just stop and go away. There are far to many organizations to list and it is truly sad that we need so many, So please do what you can to stop Child abuse.

my styling today, though I will list credits actually speaks for itself and it was heart wrenching for me to get it done. So here it is.


My top with the face of a child, the innocents, the next generation………………or will they be




Don’t just ignore it when you see an act of abuse, or tell yourself it is none of my business, if we don’t protect the Children then who will.



I styled in Boho because I love the genre and the colors are vibrant. The trend for this year is a mix of textures and Bright bold color.

Top~SYL’S~ RFL Child lose fitting backless tank [MRKT]

Skirt~Shanti~ Dream Healer Gypsy Skirt

Shoes~ Promagic~ Wrap it heels in Blue for Slink High Mesh Feet

Hair~Truth Electra

Jewelry~ *LC* E~ Wings of Hope Necklace Solid light Blue for Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention [MARKT]

                Gizza~ Boho {retro} Set Bangles

                Dalinks~ Boho earrings Rose Gold

Makeup~Deesselle destiny~ Tears 2

Poses~ Agapee

    Some Links for you

  (Children without a voices)





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