What there is no clam before the Storm with Ghee “Mari” This Dress IS the storm, just in time for The Instruments Which Starts tomorrow July 18TH, and before I tell you what Warm Clarity had to say about the design inspiration for “Mari” let me post some pictures “WOOT”

Oh! Yeah it’s storming for reals, and just look at the beautiful shading in this Amethyst Gown, so bright and beautiful even if there is lightning cracking all around.

ghee storm_001

ghee storm_007

See Cracking like crazy, and included in this pack, A thunder Could overhead, Lighting cracking, the dress is actually raining too. and the puddle on the ground. I mean how creative is this .

ghee storm_009

Did I mention the back is cut is cut wellll all the way down showing just a bit of that sexy backside, and check out the shimmery lacing on the back…………….Can you say smexy

ghee storm_011

Before I mention Why Warm was so inspired I just wish to add that I simply LOVE this design and I know you will too, when the Instruments Opens Tomorrow. This will be Ghee’s first time at the Instruments (am sure not the last) and what better time to make their debut then  then The 1ST Anniversary, that’s right Fashionista’s THE INSTRUMENTS IS 1 year old, and aren’t we happy about that.

Now about “MARI”

Ghee’s Mari Set is based around the Goddess Mari.
Mari is found in the Mother Goddess of the Faerie (Feri) tradition as well as the ancient Basque culture where She was regarded as a primary deity of life as expressed through the changing weather and her role as bestower of law. She was an androgynous figure and as such stood as a basis for gender equality. Her followers were persecuted as witches.

The Mari set comes in 3 different colors: Aquamarine, Amethyst and Hematite. The set includes a storm cloud made using animation and particles, a lighting animation, puddle animation and a rain splashes particle emitter that accompany a mesh gown animated with rain and matching ribbon wraps for Slink high feet. The set can be worn with all parts or just one or two to exhibit the strength of the storm.


Hair~ Emo-tions Stormy LANA, how apprapo

Jewelry~ Celtic Myst– Electric Earth Necklace, Ring and Earrings

Makeup~Madrid Solo Ensemble II U-Color-It (Purple) with Facade Lips (Purple)

 Fallen Gods~ GROM face tattoo Complete

Izzie’s Water Drops

Agapee Poses, BT Poses

Shot On Locataion at WESTEROS Revelations 

I hope you plan on Getting your feet wet Tomorrow at The Instruments


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I can never really pass up the oppertunity to post a blog for Belle Roussel Of Chop Zuey, I mean this ladies talent is just Limitless

So posting a quick blog in her honor. Showcasing A set from the Miss SL collection “The Girl From Mekong” This set comes with a hud so the opportunities to get your own perfect look are numerous. Thank you Belle, you never fail to take my breath away.

Spirit close up by Astra

Also wearing

Madrid Solo~ Mix& Match Beguiled Eyes Only Dark Red

Chop Zuey~ The Girl From Mekong Full Set

Lode~ Head Accessory Musha RED
Hair~Envogue Reyna


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Hello Fashionista’s,

As I told you in one of my posts from last week Belle Is putting out the much awaited Miss SL Collection, These jewelry sets are to die for and every one is a must have. Add to your own collection With these Sets From CHOP ZUEY COUTURE. Elegant, Classy and couture are the statements made here .

First up : Chandrani, Gorgeous Pearls and gems with a colorchange hud, the fit of this set is sublime, snug ultra elegant and for me Light Purple Pearls with Light Pink Gems surrounded by soft gold settingsCZ Miss sl collection 7_001

CZ Miss sl collection 7_002

And who does not love jewels draping down their back, This is definitely  a must have set for all your formal events. I mean 20 jewel options as well as 20 pearl options, just think of how many sets you can create….WOW!!!

Next Up : Le Cirque d’Espagnol

This is a very unique set in it’s design gems gems and more gems, This set comes with so many options. 15 cabachonne’s and 15 gems, again using your own imagination to set the best color combinations for you.

cz miss sl collection_001

Beautiful, Yes??? want to see more?

Well then, now we have: Lumine Cameo Set

I just love this one because it is delicate, refined and you can dress a current style or go all the way back to the middle ages. The cameo is a timeless classic piece to bring soft elegance to any look. Options Galore with this set, there are 6 levels with 72 options for this set, believe me it doesn’t get better than that. The set was inspired by Miss SL Spain and she wore it so well, Make this a must have for your collection too

Chop Zuey Miss SL  Collection_003

Last but certainly not least for me today is “The Girl From Mekong”

This set has so many options on the texture change hud, it is mind blowing I mean 40 Cabachonnes’ and 36 Gems , The options are crazy on this set. and one of the things I love about it is that it doesn’t matter if you want formal or chic, as this is a multi use set. I am going to use this one a lot, and I know if you run over to Chop Zuey and Pick these up you will too

Chop Zuey Miss SL  Collection_004

This entire Blog is all about Chop Zuey so I did not list other Items, should you wish to know Just IM me and I will be happy to tell you. Belle Roussel Is the Star today…..Head over to the store and make yourself the Star as well, Also while you are there, don’t forget to Check out the Sky Boutique for all you Chop Zuey Designs.

I hope for those that celebrate it that you have a Happy Independence Day


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Whoohoo, it’s finally here. Fad opens today and Ghee makes a splash with “SUNDAE SEASON” These fresh pastel Colored designs are just was a Spirit needed. So soft yet vibrant, I just love pastels and I did some mix and matching for mine, but Ghee makes it so easy to find your very own look. Separates give you so very many styling options, so why not run over to FAD for your Sunday Season, I know that’s where I’ll be


new ghee fad_004

Ghee Items From The Fad Event

Hyacinth Flounce Skirt

Wisteria Strapless BodySuit (Maitreya)

Ankle Fringe Heel “Hyacinth”

Sundae Season Slink Nail Applier


Hair~ Emo-tions “LONA” Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Jewelry~ Lazuri Spring Collection

Makeup~ Jumo Eyebrow 001

Madrid Solo Ensemble II U-COLOR-IT

Shot on location Obsession Exposed Gallery 

That is a lot of very pretty color in one post, don’t you think………..Well head over to FAD and see for yourself all the color combinations you can come up with. Last but not least the Owners/Designers of Ghee with lil ole Me wearing Items to be found at this round of The Fad Event

Ghee @ FAD - Sundae Season - starts 06_28_15


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That’s right Fashionista’s there is a wonderful New VIP gift at Ghee called “Summer Swirl” Ghee VIP Group membership costs 250L and you can not only pick up this Halter Dress wit it’s bright bold and beautiful swirl designs, but you can still pick up a couple of the past gifts as well. Keep up to date with Ghee news, and enjoy the perks of VIP Group membership. VIP members receive an exclusive gift every month, advance information about sales and special offers, and other rewards. Just copy paste this link to join now..secondlife:///app/group/aa4018ac-e660-3c12-c7a5-6089465a322a/about

And without Further ADO, Bright an bold color, which as you know is my favorite…Come on down to Ghee and make it yours too

Ghee July Group Gift edit

Ghee July Group Gift_006

Ghee VIP gift Summer Swirl

Hair~Exxess Katiusha (headband re-textured to match)

Jewelry~Modern Couture Juliet full set

Shoes~ Tropical Mix Flip Flops “Lemon” coming soon

Makeup~Mock Astral Cotton Candy makeover

Madrid Solo Lash and Liner only

Nails~Tropical Mix nails (coming soon too)

Shot on location at this gorgeous Fall Sim Here “Just Another Tequila Sunrise


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OK Emo-tions Lovers, it is time for a new round at the Instruments. Satrting June 20th and this round Mirja Mills from Emo-tions hair gives you “CERSEI” If you watch Game Of Thrones you know who Cersei is, and if you are like me well lol, I would rather relate to the Mother of Dragons but I do love this new hair, It flows down pasts the waist and has so many rich colors and highlights, it is Just beautiful. Mirja does it again, Be sure to run over to the instruments for this one, then head over to Emo-tions Hair and see what else Miss Mills has been up to


And the Back veiw


Also wearing

Dress` Luas Isabella~ wonderful roleplay designs here

Shoes~ Pure Poison~Amber Sandals

Jewelry~ C&F Dragon Cuffs
Luas Isabella (comes with dress)
Folly Mother Of Dragons Ring

Shot on Location HERE Garden Of Whimsy


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Miss SL Releases @ Chop Zuey

Miss SL Releases @ Chop Zuey

Hello all my beautiful people,

Today I wanted to show you some Exquisite Collections Hitting the sales floor over at CHOP ZUEY, I know you have all been waiting for Belle to release the Miss SL collection ………….Well hold on to your knickers as I inform you all that “WOOT” they are starting to arrive.

For today I am showing the Liberty Set Made in Honor Of Miss SL USA and one of my besties ever Trinity Graves. This set is so delicate and shining trough with Diamonds. To me a statement Piece can be bold and in your face or like Liberty just soft feminine and classy. I love this set, and I know you will too

new CZ_001

Next up

􀀍Baixa Cassanje Set Created in Honor od Miss SL Angola, this set is just gorgeous and Has a stunning fascinator Cream colored Pearls and diamonds surrounded in Platinum. Talk about making a statement.Point is no matter what kind of Statement you are trying to make CHOP ZUEY can help you make it, and don’t forget to checkout all the fabulousness up in the sky Boutique while you are there.


Hair 1st Photo Emo-tions Lucia

Makeup~Madrid Solo~U-color-it Ensemble II

Hair 2nd Photo~ (Chemistry) Amelia

Makeup~Baiastice Frash &Fancy Full Cream


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