By Spirit Llewellyn~MISS VW BELIZE 2014


Ok Fashionista’s Fashion for Life Is winding down and there are only two days remaining. So, you still have time to get these Chic, sassy and glamorous outfits from Ghee with 100% donation.
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And here is another one, This time from Vero Modero, for Fashion For Life called “Dreamy” and isn’t this gown just that. A very full skirt with a sheer overskirt. The corset style Top in a Bold beautiful Color Blend. I just love this Gown, and I know you will too…so don’t miss this and other styles from this years Fashion For Life. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
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Hello Fashionista’s, bringing you another design from Wicca’s Wardrobe. This Jumpsuit at This years Fashion for Life Is called “Nuella” It is ONE Piece Jumpsuit with intricate designs a neck scarf and very sleek Chic.
One of the Things I love about Wicca Merlin “and there are many” is her use of texture. Nuella fits like a glove and I love the flaring at the bottom of the pant.
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What a beautiful addition to this years Fashion For Life Event than this stunningly Beautiful Gown “KATHARINA”
From Wicca’s Wardrobe, Wicca Merlin has always a an eye for details but this gown is just a stunner. Lilly’s cinched at the Hip with delicate lace and bows, The bodice Covered in Lilly’s as well as a headress that is a burst of floral extravagance. Delicate this design is, but also a piece of art with rich Purple lavender Hues
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New from Emo-tions @ My Attic comes *PEGGY* AND *CHERRY* This adorable ponytail and sweet cherry earrings offered by Mirja Mills from E-motions are just what you need to take a step back in time..Rockabilly, though I didn’t live in that time looks like it was a blast and you can have a blast at *MY ATTIC* with Emo-tions. *MY ATTIC* opens tomorrow the 21st and ends on the 31st…Did I mention these cute little cherry Earrings are only 50L

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Azul “Lexa” at FFL event which opens on the 21st of March is a beautiful Limited gown, this one in Purple with delicate flowers that hold up the sheer lace Train add in the flexi skirt pieces and you get elegant body hugging style with sensational flowing movement.

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Sage Angel Pink Gown –
Every year at FFL, Sage designs a special gown in honor of her mother who died of lung cancer in 2009. Inspired by Her mother’s love of pink lillies, they are are incorporated in the design and theme of each year’s exclusive gown. This year’s gown is rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes, and included is a platinum choker necklace and bracelet, along with lilly floral wrist corsage. This gown is also available as a non-FFL exclusive in ivory.

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