By Spirit Llewellyn~MISS VW BELIZE 2014

So I promised Madrid I would try to shoot one more Halloween photo for her totally awesome Makeup. Every year Madrid Solo comes up with the most over the top scary Halloween designs, I mean full face creepy stuff. She also makes eyes for the event, Well she makes both eyes and makeup year around, but this is different. Madrid is one of the most creative minds out there and did I mention one hell of a photographer. Have some Halloween fun, hell do like me, I don’t even look at the photo to see what the Makeup will look like….I even scared myself hehe

Also I promised my bestie lil Moo Cao, something a little more scary lol, so without anymore rambling here is
“STRETCH” Madrid Solo- Halloween Designs

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Firstly It is a new round at the Couturier’s Dock,, and  One of the reasons I so look forward to the new Round is because I know that Bodza Mubble in her fabulousness is going to have something new and fresh there. This time she has White Swan, and what a beautiful addition to her line it is. It is a good thing I am not in the market for a new husband lol. I could see myself as a bride, by a lake with swans in the background wearing this dress…..Ok, Ok never mind the imagined wedding scene, “sigh” have to date first, Anyway for whatever reason you want to adorn yourself in white Feathers, There are only 34 copies left so you better runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,

And while I am on the subject of the Docks……WELCOME BACK MILA TATHAM of SoliDea FoliEs, I really missed her and I am sure you did too………Well she is Back <3

Her design for this round of the Docks is this pretty Flower Crown, also great for a wedding…Jus Sayin:-) Hugs Mila

So to get all those fantasy Wedding Images out of my head I added a splash of color to all that virginal white (kidding) and I present to you here the Wonderful and so talented Bodza Mubble “Whimsical Imaginariam

whimsical Imaginarium_005 whimsical Imaginarium_006 whimsical Imaginarium_007 whimsical Imaginarium_009

What better Jewelry designer to add, than Belle Roussel of the Famed Chop Zuey With Don’t call me Betty Texture Change Set, Colored to Match White Swan.

{ZOZ} NAILS~SLINK Posh Romance

Madrid Solo~ Wedding Designs~The Vow…….I know, I know. Don’t think I could toss out anymore hints than I have today

Get On over to the Docks and Pick Up White Swan Today, and while your there check out all the other great offerings for this round, these Items are limited and Exclusive at this price,,so runnnnnnnnn

So, Halloween is fast approaching and I have never seen better designs for it than those that come from the imagination of Madrid Solo. “Wicked Woman” is my first post for these fab makeups. I am on my laptop this year with no photo editor but who needs it to capture a Madrid design. Not me lol, this one is the tamest of the bunch so though I would start with it. Wicked Woman is just that “wicked” red shadow and cracks along the face adding in some spooky Eyes,which were the group gift from Madrid last October.

This set, as with all of Madrids Halloween spooktacular makeups are sure to scare all the little ghosts and goblins this year. Personaly some of the stuff that comes from Madrid this time of year scares me too, but it is always soooo much fun. She includes photos but I never look always a surprise when it rezzes lol.

I hope you love it as much as me and stay tuned for more………….

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Did someone says SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, everyone that knows me is aware I need and Intervention when it comes to Slink shoes. Well somebody save me, These new Limited and Exclusive Shoes from WICCA’S WARDROBE@ THE COUTURIER’S DOCKS are smokin hot. Ripley Heels {Autumn Edition} are just what my feet scream for. Ripley comes with a Hud offering 6 color options as well as Metal options. These Heels “ROCK” people and when I said limited, I mean there are 31 Copies left so Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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THE DECK~MY ATTIC- The theme is “Between the Lines” With Emo-tions “Romina* This two piece unrigged mesh offering new from Emo-tions perfect for role play and only 95 Lindens, as are all items for this event. If you love Emo-tions and I know you do this is another must have from Mirja Mills for The Deck My Attic

Opens 21st September
Closes 30th September


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Coming to you today is a design from Bodza Mubble featured at the Couturier’s Docks and this item is the newest from her re-branded designs. This is a Limited exclusive, only at the Docks and I can tell you right now… of this moment there are only 21 copies remaining so Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

This gown is called “Royalty” and that is just what you will feel like in it. The Paisley pattern bursting with bright colors on black is going to be a must have, and there are only twenty one left. Stand out, be sexy and go grab your copy today. Just look at the feather skirt it, and the yellows blues greens. This design is one of my favorites from Bodza (ok they are all my favorites) and it will be one of yours too.

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OK, so this time I mean it…BEGUILED is at 24 Squared event which started today.

This is a sexy multi-tonal makeup wich will bring out the Beguiling beauty in you. This item can be found EXCLUSIVELY at the 24 Squared event and there are only 150 sets, when they are gone they are gone forever. So really you don’t want to miss this, and I mean it this time “serious”





Get Beguiled…………………….RUN……………………….


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