By Spirit Llewellyn~MISS VW BELIZE 2014


New at Emo-tions Created for MVW 2015 Eleseren Brianna and aptly named…………well Eles

This elegant French Braided Updo is graceful and elegant, Perfect for Crowns (encase your going for one) Jus Sayyin lol. I just love all things Emo-tions and I know you will too, Mirja Mills creates hair Jewelry and clothes. So if you are seeking casual hair to Epic Fantasy you will find it here. Speaking of Fantasy, don’t forget to, check out all the fabulous Fantasy wear and Jewelry while you are over there grabbing your own Eles

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Brand Spanky new from Bodza Mubble designer *Whimsical Imaginarium* Is Loose Girl, This Jacket is the bomb. The one I am wearing today is Spotty Exclusive to The Event @ 1st along with Flora and Happy…..If you want solid colors, head on over to *Whimsical Imaginarium* for Loose Girl in Blue-Red, Brown Yellow, Or Orange Green. Whatever color palette you are there is a Loose girl to suit you. All of these jackets can be worn with or without the shirt, which comes in 5 sizes plus fitted mesh. Also you get a texture hud with 5 choices of shirt color.

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Hello all you Fashion conscious peeps out there, It’s time for a new round at the Instruments and WOW what Bodza Mubble has come up with this time. Whimsical Imaginarium always shines and today is no exception.

It is time to bust out the sleigh, fatten up the Reindeer and gear up for the Holiday season, and This outfit puts the shine in your Christmas… You will not only fatten up your Reindeer, you can be one, with this very elegant set of antlers.. That’s right I said Antlers. They are solid white with glass ornaments made in white and gold. So pretty. The gown is also solid white with shades of silver depending on the lighting. The back is Cut from here to yon, so you can tease him a little while he hooks u that Sleigh.

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Well I had every intention to cast for Blog position at Topazia but for some reason I thought today was the 5th grrr Oh! well I did have this outfit prepared, and blogger or not Topazia Is very blog worthy so I am posting anyway. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to get over to Topazia and pick up this as well as many fabulous designs. This styling is primarily from there and can be bought separately. The possibilities of these pieces are endless .Beautiful Nathalia Topaz

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Hello Fashionista’s Today’s Styling is one of those that starts with Hair, that’s right new hair from Emo-tions it is called Alicia, this one in Intensive red. It brought to mind my favorite Bad girl (but she’s so good when she’s bad) Rihanna………..Hence the name of the post.

Mirja Mills over at Emo-tions has another big hit for you with Alicia. Of course you can get all the wonderful colors that are Emo-tions Hair, and you also will “Shine Bright Like A Diamond”

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That’s right peoples, all you beautiful fashionista’s on the grid. I am blogging to remind you of this very cute Group Gift from Bodza Mubble over at *Whimsical Imaginarium* I know we all love to saty styled in the Hottest fashions available. Well if you are not already in this group, it only cost 60L and along with the outfit I am wearing today “PINK DREAM” there are other gifts as well. Bodza is one of the most artistic designers out there today, she always create with such bright and beautiful color, see makes every design a stand alone creation. Slap on some shoes, hair very little jewelry and you will be styled to the Max.

So get on over to Whimsical Imaginarium and  Hit that group join button and grab Pink Dream along with so many other Fabulous designs at *WI*

Whimsical imaginariam_001

Whimsical imaginariam_003

Whimsical imaginariam_002

Whimsical imaginariam_004

Also Wearing

Hair~D!va Giz Brown Diamond

Shoes~Topazia “walk in the flowers” Poppy edition

Jewelry~Lazuri Spring Collection

Makeup~ Madrid Solo~ Grace U-Color It

Project Puppet~ Ballet Studio with Poses (Market)

So I was over doing something for MVW the other day, sitting next to Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz. She was admiring my outfit and of course I was admiring hers….she is Kiddo after all, any way my compliment got me the very classy dress she had on in my inventory “wows” Thank you again Kiddo, Anyway I thought to show my appreciation for her generous gift , the least I could do was blog it. So, here it is “KASJA” from Dead Dollz.

This dress is so elegant to me, Black cropped top over a bright red skirt (who doesn’t love Black on red) the skirt is full and makes it easy to walk with this slink feet. The top is fastened at the neck but open in the back, just the right amount of sexiness. For me I love a design like this, as it needs very little adornment to draw the attention of everyone in the room.

KASJA is available in other colrs as well and can be found not only at the Dead Dollz main store, but on Marketplace as well.

Add this dress to your wardrobe, you’ll be glad you did and who doesn’t love Dead Dollz.

Dead Dollz_005

Dead Dollz_006Dead Dollz_003

Dead Dollz_009

Also Wearing

Hair~Wasabi Pills~ Veronica “Rouge”

Madrid Solo~ Grace~ U-Color it, Shadow Monochrome, Lips Bright Red

Necklace~ Finesmith~Heartless Red

Earrings~Persefona Shock Red and Black

ECCO~Wrist Cuffs (mrkt)


Poses~ Isomotion, Agapee, Slouch 

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