By Spirit Llewellyn~MISS VW BELIZE 2014


NEW from LPD  *Marta* two piece set comes in three colors White, Black and Pink. Mix it up for the combination that suits your mood. Today I mixed the White top with the black pants. I just love this style of pant snuggly fitted at the waist with the baggy leg. The top is fun and flirty and we know I love Fun and Flirty…I bet you will too.

Also today, this new release Hair “Hilary” from Emo-tions, the huds on Emo-tions hair give you so many possibilities and this one swept over the eye and held with a Barrette is a must have. I know you will love it as much as I do. Emo-tions has hair for every style and genre. Don’t forget to check out the mens section too..









LPD *marta*

Emo-tions~ “Hilary”

Bangles~ Dark Mouse wooden Bracelts

Madrid Solo Deuce Eyes~Leafy Green

Make-Up~ Mock Ginger Chocolate Makeover

Shoes~ProMagic Forever for Slink High Feet

Poses Agapee

Take a step into the Garden with this beautiful Gown of White, with flowers draped across the Bust as well as encircling your wrist.

Summer is on it’s way out but not as long as you are the proud owner of this Exclusive Limited Item from this Round Of the Coutuiers Dock…

Did I mention Limited, well it is true there are currently (right this second) 35 copies remaining.

A shimmering barely visible fabric flows from your arms to your feet. This gown as with All designs by Bodza Mubble, creator of *LI* is defiantly one to add to your wardrobe.

Wonderful for dancing in the clouds …(I know, I went) a Wedding, well just any number of occasions.

So hurry over to the Dock and grab yours while supplies last. I’ll even give you a lift.

Living Imagination Angel Garden


Also If you have not seen Chop Zeuy’s New Sweetheart Wedding set, I suggest you check it out, and if that is not enough for you I am also wearing MVW Collection Hagia Sophia Earrings and circlet

Living Imagination Angel Garden 2


Don’t forget When Angel Garden from *LI* IS GONE…IT’S GONE



Chop Zuey Sweetheart Wedding and Engagement Rings

Chop Zuey MVW Collection Hagia Sophia Set

Shoes~ Purple Moon~Purpurina Peep Toes Steal for slink High Feet

HAIR~Milana Nikola~ dark brown

Shot On Location Here Tranquil Haven Park

Poses~PoseSioN~ Jewelry 2, Morphine Go set 3.1


Today I found out I was one of the models chosen to Blog for Emo-tions..So happy about that and wish to thank Mirja Mills for seeing the passion I have for her brand in me.

This is the thing with Emo-tions hair, for me. It is not one of my favorites it IS my favorite. Mirja gives you so many color options. I change my looks sometimes but always stick with the Naturals, Reds and Dark Browns. If you have never been to Emo-tions, I suggest you go there. You will be glad you did, and if you are already a fan, well watch this space as I will do my best to show Emo-tions Hair in the best possible way.

I have not been added to the Blog group as of yet but I have been blogging Emo-tions hair for a couple years anyway:-) Today is no different.


This hair comes with a cap and matching scarf in a plaid texture. And I just love it.


As most of you know I am quite the bumbling novice in PS 5, Today I was playing with brushes, note the hair on the cheek.. the hair is so fresh for a fall/winter look


This post is All about EMO-TIONS HAIR……yeah! but I did wear other stuffs lol and here it is

Jacket~Ison Nova Tribe In White

Pants~ Ison Leather Corset Leggings~these are non mesh “yay”

Boots~Felicity Slink Boots High (White)

Izzies~Oversized Glasses White

ZOZ~ Elegant Black II for slink Hands, and Black queen for slink toes Hud

MORPINE POSE in the second photo (They are closing like today) so you better hurry

Location my living-room…no Taxi provided…..Jus Sayin 


You ever find a hair designer that inspires your style, instead of looking for a hair to go with a styling I find I often start with the hair and style from there.

Well that is how I have always felt about Emo-tions Hair Mirja Mills, designer/creator over at Emo-tions inspires me to style a look. I go over every month just to see what is new, I admit I have more hair from Emo-tions than I will probably ever need, but with each new creation I aquire I get to tell a new story, just as Mirja does in her designs.

Today I am doing Titania, I picked it up at Hair Fair 2014, Ok,Ok i admit I have not styled it until now, but to be honest I wasn’t sure if it was an exclusive to hairfair…so I snagged it and all the hairs Emo-tions placed at the hair fair. It doesn’t matter when you get it or for what…It is just great hair to own.I mean who doesn’t love Emo-tions. I have never met one person.

Anyway before I ramble too much, you are all in luck because Titania Is in fact offered for sale At the main store..”woot”

So without further ado, TITANIA

I found this beautiful inworld location to shoot, I was thinking goddesses, I am a daughter of the goddess myself and what better location for this design. Thank you Mirja Mills for your artistry.












Worn With Emo-tions Titania Naturals 4


Dress~Junebug~ Helena Collabor88

Shi~Tree of Life creepers with optional leaves~Collabor88

Makeup~Glamorize Just Because Deep Red

Poses~ Morphine~ Closing in 3 days :-(

Shot on Location Here: Bastet’s Paradise Aphrodite 



They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, well if that is true you will really want to run over to THE GREEK ISLES GOCHA EVENT.

Madrid has placed eyes with dual colors and many choices. I love them, my favorite is Limon but I also like well all of them.

I know you will want to check these out. These eyes come in Aquatic,Blues,Leafy Green, Limon,Dark Oyster, Indigo,Rare Earth,Teal Tea and Violet Me. With all these choices I am sure you can find the color perfect for you. So get on over to the Gacha event and get yours. And if that is not enough for you, all sets come with Mesh as well as system and……………..Round or Almond. Now that is a lot to cram in a box for a very small price

madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_012


madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_009


madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_010

madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_007madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_008


madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_006

madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_005

madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_004


madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_003

madrid solo Greek Isles Gacha_002

Well this weekend marks the end Of Opium Evolution “HUNGER GAMES” and you do not want to miss this fabulous Show. I went to the first one and WOW so immersive, the sets were superb, the Models were wonderful and the Story was just awesome. You know what else you don’t want to miss…….Living Imaginations Cold Grace. A very snug gown with the back cut out showing your sleek skin all the way down to….well you know where, this design is very smexy. Add in Beautiful flowers across the chest  and you have a show stopping over all look that is Classic Bodza Mubble Design. I am always in Awe with her detailed textures and her brilliant presentation of every design she comes out with. Just zoom in and look at the details of those flowers, it is almost like we can expect bees to come pollinate any second. Living imagination is just that..Designs that live and breath. Thank you Bodza for another Stunning creation.  Catch the final performance of  THE HUNGER GAMES August 8th at 6PM, August 9th 4PM, and August 10th at 10AM, And catch Living Imagination anytime in the next three days:-)

Hunger Games Teaser Blog Logo



Seriously, Head Over to Opium Evolution Hunger Games…Watch the show and grab up this and many other wonderful designs from *LI*



I’ll see you there



Aren’t those Flowers Spectacular, and what can you really add to a Living Imagination design………..Well not much, as this and every creation by Bodza Mubble is a stand alone look, However I did add a couple thinks like hair makeup and earrings, and they are listed below. Thank you for taking a peek and I hope you find as much joy from*LI* as I do.

Hair~ Zibska Christinia

Makeup~Madrid Solo Mix & Match Dot B Blue and White as well as Realm Eyes in Green

Earrings~A&Ana’s Jewelry Big Dream Earrings Blue

What is sleek and sexy on just about any frame? Black of course, slimming elegant and sexy. Those are the things that this black dress in your wardrobe will do for you too.

Add the floral belt with matching headpiece and add fun, flirty, romantic and soft to a black dress. No one tells a story with her designs better than Bodza Mubble from Living Imagination. Every design she creates is a piece of art with a story. I went to an art sim for the shot because the flowing skirt with white trim brought to mind something like Mid summer nights dream, so I thought Poetry and art, well that is just what I found here at SURREAL EFFECTS



This gown is Exclusive At the Couturier’s Docks and you really should Hurry Because as of this Moment there are only 41 copies remaining, and when they are gone the are GONE




Styled With Flowers Of the Night.

*LI* Needs very little adornments as Bodza gives you everything to make an outfit stand on it’s own, so I simply added jewelry Hair and shoes. No makeup as I did not feel it needed any

Hair~+eula+ Ursula Dark Brown

Jewelry~ Virtual Impressions Texture Change “Janine”

Shoes~Loordes Of London Dr. Shoesours #17

I hope you all have a Blessed Weekend

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